September 28, 2010

Money makes the world go 'round?

Back from my weekend shopping trip in PA with my fave twin - my mom! :)  We had a great time shopping, dining, sightseeing and wine tasting!

Interestingly enough, our trip was sponsored by - money. So whoever started spreading the nasty rumour that 'money can't buy happiness' should be glad they're (likely) no longer around for me to argue with.

I know this seems lame but i seriously feel the need to get my argument out in the open. And it's my blog so i'm gonna go for it!

Sure, there's a whole slew of [important] things that money can't buy:
- health [we like this]
- a great relationship/significant other [we all want this eventually]
- rivalry-free fam life [and keeping blood pressure at a normal level]
- genuine friends to support your ass when you're down [thank you!] & go out with [shots!]
- a JOB! [pretty please?]
...i could go on.

But there's plenty of stuff that i love which money CAN and does buy:
- gas for my car (which i bought with $$$ too) to go and see my fave people!
- a netbook to post my blogs & write my millions of cover letters [you like this]
- a TV to watch the shows & movies that make me smile :)
- plane tickets to satisfy my immense love of travel [Europe anyone? Yiiiiah]
- ingredients to make dinner & baked goods for people i love <3
- occasional shopping therapy to keep me sane ;) get it.

Not to mention signing up for those glorified dating websites to get a date or two. Maybe even a marriage! Or two? I don't plan on going in this direction but to each their own.

In conclusion, money can buy my happiness - anyday. But it can't solve all my problems, i know this. Ok, i'm glad we agree! :)

Since you stuck around this long, here's more mini-rant. Watching TV while writing this provoked the following thoughts.

Eggo waffles. Yea i loved them when i was young but i have come a long way since then. I can now make my own BETTER waffles from scratch. And guess what!? Freeze then toast them up later. Trust me when i tell ya that they are delicious. And healthy since i make the whole wheat kind :) What up now Kelloggs?!

Oh there's yet another Monopoly on the market, what a surprise. The commercial claims that the Monopoly electronic banking - "kids love it!" Really? Probably because they don't have to use their fucking brains. Don't even get me started on how much i hate today's youth. Hate.

Why am i so good at math? (I already warned you about the nerdiness ;P) Probably because i played the Game of Life all the freakin' time and adding up THOUSANDS of dollars in my head is really useful for brain and math development. Maybe you little teenaged, hard-headed fuckers should give that a try sometime?

Just think about how much travelling i could do if i had all the money contained a box of Monopoly!! :)

September 23, 2010

Crazy 8's Tag!

Rach from How Fickle is Woman has challenged me to a game where I have to answer 8 questions then ask 8 questions to 8 other people.
I actually enjoy these survey-like things. Remember when 75% of the forwards you got in high school were surveys? I secretly loved that shit. Or not secretly. Whatever.

ANYWAY - here is what Rach asked:

1.) What is your favorite childhood memory?
Some of you may not count this as a 'single memory' but to me it is. The period of time between the ages of 4 & 7 when i lived in Germany with my parents. I don't think anything will ever beat that, b/c i feel like if given the choice at any point in my life - i would hands down choose to go back to that time. The memories are so vivid and so happy. I wish on a daily basis that we had been able to stay :*(

2.) Who is your celebrity crush?
I have probably had a celeb crush on just about every male celeb out there at one time or another. What can i say, i like to have options.
But ok ok, i'll try to pick one...and I'm gonna go with Shia LaBeouf. He's an old fave of mine, and i feel like we'd get along wonderfully! ;)


3.) What would your dream bedroom be like?
On the top floor of a 3-floor home. Bench seat window on one side, walk-out terrace on the other. A small area with lounge chairs to get away. An ensuite with a gorgeous shower. Shower radio is a must. And of course - a huge walk-in closet. You should know how much I love closets by now...
But obviously, i haven't really thought about it much.

4.) What is your favorite clothing item?
I almost feel like this is targeted specifically towards me since i should know everything in my closet after the major clean out last weekend! LOL This is really hard, and it always depends on my mood, but i think i'm going to go with my light blue skinny jeans from Germany 2 years ago. I've dressed them up and down, and they're so comfy!

5.) What is one thing that you have been looking forward to this month?
Premier week! And it's here! Plus, the best is yet to come! Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters! They're my comfort shows <3
6.) What was the best year of your life and why?
Aside from 1990-1993 when I lived in Germany? Ok this one is a toss up. 
2008 because that was when i went on my international exchange to Germany! And had that really great summer fling.

Or 2009 b/c i graduated wiht my Honours BBA (yay me!), had my champagne birthday (yay 23!) and put to use all the good things i learned in Germany.
I started letting loose and going with the flow, tried to stop controlling every single thing around me, realized how much i thrive in social situations where there are more ppl i don't know than i do know and therefore had a ton of fantastic experiences.
It's also the year of my claim to fame. This will come in a future post as long as i find a way to protect the innocent.

I suppose 2008 led to the following year's awesomeness so 2009 it is! :)

7.) What is your alcoholic drink of choice?
Vodka soda with lots of lemons! Good-bye hangovers...hello blackouts! Because you're consuming water with your booze, and not sugary crap, you're hydrating at the same time, reducing (or eliminating) the hangovers!
But it gets you to such a good level of drunk, that i can sometimes drink endlessly and then be like "i did NOT do that! omg i did? fuck me." i'm not proud of those moments, but they're risks of the job ;)

8.) What was the best piece of advice you were ever given?
I give the best advice but never actually take it, so I'm not sure how to answer this. Actually there is one thing. I don't know who said this to me [it may have been a movie - they're my go-tos] but it has stuck with me ever since - it's about assessing how things you stress out about will affect your future:

Take a step back from your life and whatever is making you feel like shit.
Because more likely than not, it seems like a way bigger deal than it actually is.
Now think - how big of an effect is this really going to have on your life in a few years?
In all likelyhood, this shit isn't even going to be a blip on your radar.
And you'll mostly likely look back and think "why in the fuck did i make such a big deal?!"
Well don't worry, that's normal.
But before it turns into something you regret stressing over - shut it down.
It's not worth it.
Moral of the story: What doesn't kill ya, will make ya stronger.

Ya, that was all me. I told you i'm an amazing advice-giver. You didn't believe me?

Phew, that was a lot of thinking! Sorry, there's no way i could keep the answers concise - i'm a big talker ;)

Here's my list of 8 other bloggers:
Kate @ Simply Kate
Tarryn @ 2Bloggeristas
Here are my 8 new questions:
(1) What is your favourite beauty secret?
(2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
(3) Is there someone in your life that has made a big impact, who you no longer speak to?
(4) Whether or not you're happy with the career path you've chose, what job would you love to have?
(5) If you could be on any TV show, which would it be? Any specific character?
(6) What is your favourite holiday?
(7) Smartphone of choice & why! [I had to get nerdy on you]
(8) Why do you blog?

You're it! Enjoy :)

September 21, 2010

Your tactfulness is much appreciated

Last week there were a few comments, both direct and indirect, that just rubbed me the wrong way. It may be that i'm just overly touchy at the moment, and often feel like no one in the world understands how I feel lately; but it may just be the fact that i have an opinion about EVERYTHING.

Exhibit 1
"I really hate it when people say FML, Gheez there's always some1 worse off than grateful for what you have and instead say I LML! :)"
Retweet that showed up on my homepage

Ok - am i a fan of my unemployed, unproductive & currently-boring life? No. Do i think i have the worst life ever & would trade it or give it away in a split second? No, definitely not.

Of course there's someone worse off than me! Natural disasters aside, we could always use the poverty and/or 3rd world argument. Does that mean i'm not allowed to feel sorry for myself for a few minutes per day? HELL FUCKING NO! So kiss my ass. Sulking helps me get over it and move on with my day.

You try checking job sites every day and seeing no new postings! I'm really sure you'd LYL then. Therefore leave the rest of us and our vocabulary alone.

Exhibit 2
Similarly, I was bitter about not having anyone to go with to see Ronnie from Jersey Shore! [We won't get into JS - it's my guilty pleasure. Everyone's allowed to have one, no?] last Friday at a local club. Can you blame me? It's the weekend and I don't have anyone to go to the club with! Sad me :(

And i don't know about your Facebook but mine has been HELLA boring lately. No pictures. No videos. Not even hotties to creep. It's ok, i'm shaking my head at myself for that last one too.

Therefore the following status update was posted by moi:
"Facebook is old news. Just like Niagara. Lame all arounddddd."

Well that got quite the response. All along the lines of:
- So delete your Facebook!
- So move out!

Oh my! I didn't even know i had such genius Facebook friends! Clearly it's not possible that i would have come up with those solutions on my own. I have a rebuttal (of course) for both of these. Wanna hear 'em? Of course you will.

1) I honestly would probably get rid of my Facebook because there are various other outlets for the things it lets me do.
Twitter for ranting
Flickr/Picasa for posting pictures
Blackberry for easy communication

Then why haven't I, you ask? Because when 15% of those friends are from my exchange in Germany 2 years ago - it's KIND of hard to keep up with them all via any other way. Not to mention family in Eastern Europe. So "deleting my Facebook" isn't really an option atm. I am seriously thinking about cutting down on the amount of friends though. I don't need their lameness.

2) I'm fairly certain that the ones shared the wisdom regarding me moving out have budgeted supporting my ass in the big city for next "n" amount of months while i find a job there. Bless their hearts. But seriously, shut up. As per above, it's not for a lack of trying!! :(

Exhibit 3
I started watching The Apprentice again this season as the show's premise of having contestants who have been affected by the recession really intrigued me. Plus, I never get tired of watching people in suits problem-solve in time-sensitive situations. *sigh* The life i so desperately seek <3

Anyway, what pissed me off was the one girl's introduction of herself. I wanted to find the video so you could see and hear the complete snobbiness but YouTube didn't have anything. So instead here is her bio from the website:

"She [Nicole] received her J.D. from Loyola Law School while holding the title of Miss Los Angeles, and placing 4th runner-up at the Miss California USA 2008 Pageant (part of the Miss USA Pageant). Determined to use her brains and beauty, Nicole left her law firm job, where she was miserable as an attorney, to prove that the recession can't stop her from pursuing her dreams."


First of all, you mentioned your beauty in a bio for a skills competition. How very pageant queen of you.

But secondly, you left a good job because you thought you were too good for it?! When the rest of the contestants have been either fired, laid off, are barely making ends meet because they live off of commission or like one guy, are even going through a devastating divorce because of economic downturn?!

You. Must. Be. Joking. No no, she definitely was not joking.

In the end though, bitch got what she deserved and was fired. Guess who's probably going to go crawling back to the attorney job she was "miserable" at? You got it.

I feel so much better now that I've shared this with all of you, as I'm sure some of you will see where I'm coming from. This is why I love you :)

September 20, 2010

Closets & Lattes

I can hardly believe what a seriously productive weekend i had! Being productive makes me hellllllla excited - it's a thrill like no other! *That feeling of utter accomplishment*

K well it's not like a climbed Everest or found a cure for cancer - but i did do a serious overhaul of my closets. My favourite kind of cleaning! And yes, that's plural. Last year i had to take over the mud room closet because i needed somewhere to put my outdoor belongings - a.k.a. shoes & jackets/blazers/etc.

I didn't take a before picture but trust me - disastrous.
Just the one closet...with neat little piles <3

Most importantly: my good deed of the week is the garbage bag worth of clothing that Goodwill shall be getting from yours truly.
I'm surprised i'm not wearing sunglasses in this pic, it's sooo bright! ;)

That's a lie. The most important thing is obviously the fact that there is now more room in there to buy new things! Clearly this was my motive all along, considering i'm well-aware of the shopping trip coming up next weekend. P-U-M-P-E-D.

You know what's not so pumped? My bank account. But i don't want to take away from my excitement right now so we won't dwell on that.

My Dad once asked me why i don't just fill my closet with the money i spend on clothes since half of them i only enjoy for a season. Well Dad, have you ever tried to put dollar bills on a hanger? Ya, not so easy WITHOUT COMMITTING A FELONY! Nuff said.

Honestly, i can't really call myself a shopaholic. I do love to buy stuff, but first and foremost i like to be frugal. Bargain shop, if you will. Because that $30 shirt looks so much better on you when you know you only paid $15. Trust me, baby ;)

In the end though, i do sometimes end up buying things just because they are so freakin' cheap they're practically giving them away! Hence the closet expansion. However, I draw the line at online shopping; I just won't go there.

The other awesomeness of my weekend was FINALLY hunting down a hand-frother! With Starbucks and the like being all the rave, you'd think latte-making accessories would be much easier to find. Ok, re-reading that i take it all back. It's probably all Starbucks' fault.

My $11 magic-maker & deeeelish homemade Chai Latte <3
If you're asking yourself whether my weekend consisted only of lattes and cleaning, then the answer is a big, fat YES! Occasional homebody > thiiiis girl :)

Homebody is also in the cards for this week because it's Premier Week! Only the best week of the best month of the year! And i found some great recipes this wknd that i hope to try out!

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

September 14, 2010

The mall is for picking up right?

I realize i haven't posted in too long, and it's not that i don't care - i just don't want to bore you with my currently-lame existence. Being unemployed is really useless right now - i have all the time in the world right now, with nothing to do.

This is what happens when all your friends move to the big city with big-city jobs and your love for travelling consumes you & you decide that staying home & saving money to see more of the world is the best idea possible.

It's not a bad idea but we all know what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. Well, same thing that happens when you consume too many eggs - that shit just is not good for you. See, i haven't posted b/c i'm now making you read about eggs & protein! Lame.

But i do have a
hilar story, don't worry.

Finally made it to the mall this past weekend - i had been avoiding this plethora of temptations since my return from Europe. Something you should know is that i have zero self-control when it comes to things i love and/or want.

However, my sis managed to convinced me even though getting there at 4:30PM only gave us 1.5hrs to shop! I know, our mall closes at 6PM, crazy right?! I don't even know if that's legal, still looking into it.

So upon getting to the mall we realized my car was steaming. Not like smoking and over-heating...just sizzling and steaming. That sexy old Toyota of mine ;) Before heading home, i popped the hood to see if there was anything wrong. I moonlight as a mechanic, if you didn't know. No dead raccoons under the hood = we're safe.

Well apparently that was kind of attractive to a pair of Dre/Eminem wannabes - who seriously, looked so fucking ridiculous - and they proceeded to blatantly stare in our direction as i got into my car, started it, and pulled out of my parking spot. My poor, naive sister was rather relieved when they were no longer in sight.

As we're pulling out out of the parking lot i check my rearview mirror (being the great driver that i am) and...

"WTF, they're RIGHT behind us?! How'd they get in their car and catch up to so fast?!"

If you're wondering whether these douchebags followed us...yes, yes they did. Through 6 sets of lights and a stop sign.

Or more exactly the next 5km (3miles), aka 10ish minutes:
[thank you Google Maps <3]
Every 10 seconds my sis asked if they were still behind us...*mirror check*...yep still there. Of course trying to get our attention in every way possible: leaning half out the window, their pounding bass, small honks...TAILING MY ASS. It took them ^that^ long to realize we were not interested!


N: [on the phone] OMG some douchebag guys are
following us home from the mall!!!!!!!!
    [to me] Are they still there?
D: Yep still...oh wait, they're turning down a street. Maybe they were just going some-...
    Nope they're definitely doing a U-turn. Goooooood-bye!

Quite frankly, they were more than welcome to follow us all the way home and be greeted by my father. 300lb of angry-looking Bulgarian would scare anyone...except me and my sis - we're over it ;)

$200 later today, i have a new radiator. Car parts are so overrated.

I promise to try to make my life more exciting soon. LOL

September 6, 2010

Adventures in the Wilderness

Thank you JC for the title inspiration - your randomness is good for something :) But since i am internet-less in the wilderness, you'll be getting the details with someone of a delay.

PART I – Friday Sept 3

Last night, after 11 hours in the car, one of two delicious Sam's Club pizzas devoured, several cans of pop and half a movie – we made it to our destination in the Quebec wilderness. At least our less-than-fabulous accommodations were ready for us to pass out.

Princess is ready for bed. Oh, and i want those blinds in my room.
Not before we had some cellphone difficulties though – having to force our phones to the Rogers network from AT&T after every other text because we're so close to Vermont is really fun. Thank you for always reminding me how much i hate you Rogers. This was a persistent problem for the remainder of our time in said wilderness.

I had actually forgotten how great He's Just Not That Into You is!!! So so many truths. Most importantly – you are the rule, not the exception. Unless we're talking about your soulmate. But the theory of soulmates in itself is a rather big exception. Gigi though, suuuuuuch an overly pathetic character; juuuust a little over the top. Especially in the happy hour scene *shaking my head* [SMH for future reference]

Now, there's one thing you need to know about this [currently unemployed] princess: i like to drink my morning coffee in my PJs, before i do anything else. Unless i'm going out for a hangover breakfast. Rare exception. So the fact that we had to drive to the main cottage for breakfast and coffee was met with some glares from yours truly. They survived though. Thankfully we woke up to nice weather otherwise...i don't even know. So then we headed off on a day trip to the little tourist town of Magog with the mom & sister – aka The Triplets.

The scenery is rather breathtaking...
We had to feed the parking meter 3 times though b.c we kept finding more boutiques to visit. We tasted some awesome ice tea made from loose black tea+ice wine leaves. For those of you who have tasted ice wine, you know it's diviiiine. No rhyme intended.

So after the first hour, mommy and i went back and the meter read "-0:01". Since my mom was convinced that if added another dollar now, it wouldn't also add our one single precious minute, we were waiting and waiting (it's a WHOLE minute we're talking about) and i commented that 'this is the looongest minute of my life'. Lo and behold, the meter changes to "-0:02"!!...OMG how did we just GAIN a free minute?!

Ya...please note, that's NEGATIVE 2 minutes; we didn't notice that minus sign there. BAHAHAHAHA It's a good thing we don't take ourselves too seriously LOL *sigh*

$55 later, we were satisfied :)
 That's about as exciting as the day got. Aside from Shia LaBeouf in Eagle Eye. *yummy*

PART II – Saturday Sept 4

To say that waking up this morning was unpleasant would be an understatement. True to the weather forecast (just when you want it to be WRONG), it was raining. Now i think most will agree with me that the gentle patter of rain outside your window is calming and soothing, and can even put you to sleep. This was none of the above.
It was like a bunch of rhythmless broads dancing up a storm in their heels on the tin roof above my head. I was almost too tired to be angry. *Signature Death Glare* Almost.

My sister sleeping like a corpse next to me provided no entertainment to my awake self, so for 2hrs i played Texas Hold'em on my Blackberry. $500 quickly turned into $5000, which then turned to $0...remind not to try my luck at the casino. 

After having to get dressed in ready to drink my coffee again *Signature Death Glare*, the Comedy Network brightened up my day - Dane Cook's Vicious Circle was on. Ah-may-zing! That is one hilarious and talented man. He can have me any day. Maybe a cinematic adventure followed by a one-night stand? It'll be a blasty blast! Actually, I wouldn't mind a multi-night stand...

And who was on after that? Russell Peters! His making fun of multiculturalism is so great and true. I should really send him some material for a skit on Eastern Europeans. I can provide him with plentyyyy.

The rest of the day was spent at an awesome cottage nearby. Just. Plain. Gorgeous. It had the whole cabin feel with the wood finishing on the inside and a wood fireplace right smack in the middle of the main floor, with a little loft bedroom at the top. A dream! And a cute little Wishbone dog sliding around on the hardwood floor :)

I'm not a dog-lover but Snoopy was a sweetheart!

That's the kind of cottage i dream of. Not just a falling-apart shack providing half-assed shelter. When this girl leaves her house for an extended period of time, she wants equivalent or better accommodations. Not gonna lie, i was lazy by the fireplace after the huge Bulgarian lunch. Stuffed like a pig surrounded by good company is proooobably one of my top 10 feelings.

Then Snoopy decided to steal my sock. And apparently fell in love with it b.c there was some seeeriously nasty growling involved in getting it away from him. LOL

The approach...
...the crime...
Don't even think about it!
Ok you are thinking about...

After that little 'adventure' though, we should head back b.c the warmth from the fireplace is really putting me to sleep...*yawn*

PART III – Sunday Sept 5

I am really proud of how quickly the familia packed their shit up and ate breakfast this morning so that we could head out of the wilderness and into the city!

Hello Montreal! :)

Montreal is my favourite city in Canada HANDS DOWN! Also probably the only thing that can say i actually love about Canada. It's got everything you could ever want: culture, history, daylife, nightlife and more. Kind of like Berlin, but not so so awesome. Always makes me wish we had stuck around instead of moving to Ontario, because being fluently TRILINGUAL woulda been the besttttt J Plus of course all aforementioned reasons!

After a wonderful walk, with a Starbucks Chai Latte in hand, we headed back on the long  trek home...all in all, another successful family vaca :)