August 24, 2010

Time to 'switch' it up!

Well what can i say about 'The Switch'?  Jenn Anniston + Jason Bateman in a BFFs-turned-TrueLove scenerio = my kinda rom-com!

Except shit like that always makes me reflect on my own life [please recall one of the first posts where i tell you how increda-good i am at linking random crap to myself]. And i'm not a big fan of reflecting on my own life right now. Love life aside, you know what i don't want? Making a wrong turn when driving home and needing to do a 3-point-turn in a random driveway, only to realize that it's my highschool boyfriend's driveway! Or running into my grade 7 boyfriend at Shoppers Drug Mart! Ok, that right there sounds like a had a lot of boyfriends, but i didn't. Those were the only two. Really.

But this is exactly why i need to leeeeeeeeeave this place! I want to be somewhere where no one knows me, or anything about me and my past. I want to work in a thousand-story skyscraper where i know 4% of the employees, and getting in the elevator consists of courteous nods. No fake smiles, no fake-interested questions about my weekend.

Obviously, I need to write more cover letters.


  1. Well if you want to be anonymous, don't go to Cheers in Boston because in there, everybody knows your name!!! :)


  2. Haha thanks for the tip! I guess i'll also be staying away from Kelsey's LOL


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