August 8, 2010

Report Card - Positive Progress

I am happy to report that my ankle is feeling better! And just to confirm that it isn't my wishful thinking, i asked my pessimistic mom. She did indeed confirm that it is not as swollen as it was when i first got back (5 days ago). All this means nothing to you of course b/c i haven't mentioned my poor damaged ankle. I twisted it 4 weeks ago, which wasn't that big of a deal, happens to everyone. It didn't even hurt all that much. However, a week later i was sitting partially cross-legged and then...well partially sat on it. THAT was some excrutiating pain! And after that it got kind of swollen, etc. I mean, i still wasn't too worried b/c it didn't actually hurt while i was walking or anything, it just wasn't 100%. It was Europe tho, i can't stop walking places! But a month later?! I was getting a bit worried. My less-than-fabulous family doctor put my fears to rest tho - just stay off it for a while and wear a tensor band. I have followed those instructions thoroughly and am pleased with the results. *high five*

I also managed to unpack my suitcase and post all of my pictures and videos! Crazy productive. Pretty proud of myself. Besides the random crap on my desk that i can't find places for! And after all of that, i am one tired muffin so i bid you good night!

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