August 19, 2010

Reflecting on the Evening News

Here's what was on the news tonight. In case you're wondering, I only watch Global News.

1. Rob Ford's Mayorial Candidacy Roadbumps

So what if he got arrested in FLORIDA (please note, another country) over 10 years ago (please note, another millenium)?!?!?! Where's the proof that he can't run a city now? Especially if it's starting with great ideas like closing Toronto's doors to immigrants. Don't confuse this with racism or bigotry - i'm an immigrant! And damn proud of it! :) But after years and years of the majority of new immigrants heading straight for Toronto - it's about to tear at the seams. So why don't we encourage some movement within the country? Stop with all this 'Golden Horseshoe' population concentration, it's also not helping the massive traffic jams. In reality though Rob, highly unlikely.

2. Gov't regulations re: cigarettes
Hiding cigarettes in the stores doesn't make them non-existent. Do you see any other countries hiding them? Including Western European and the US? Didn't think so. It's useless. Props to the grandpa in Nova Scotia who stood up to Canada and proudly displayed his cigarette products. And most importantly - hiding them prevents me from seeing the full selection so i can pick! Geez!

3. Ashley Kirilow a.k.a. Douche that faked cancer to collect donations
Really? People tell me i can be not-so-nice, but this girl takes the cake for pure evil! HOW does that even come to you as an idea?! Ridiculous! And some stranger is 'finally' going to post her bail? Ya, i bet embarrassed isn't all her family is. Filing for formal disownment is more like it.

4. Bull fighting gone wrong in Northern Spain
O.M.G. This video must be seen! Maybe it is time for the Spaniards to ban bull fighting?

And that is all. Time for BG tv! Maybe even some BG news ;)


  1. hiding cigarettes? really? why does Canada hate cigarettes so much??
    Kirilow? haha any relation to your family tree? hadn't heard about her, but that IS ridiculous! also, the bullfighting video is crazy! how did that bull jump over?!?

  2. yes, Canada hates cigs THAT much! that's also why they cost $10+! hence the importance of importing them lol
    and NO that evil douche is not related to me. Sounds polish..or some other middle European country. I can keep you apprised if you'd like :P
    Regarding the bull, i have no idea. If they hadn't put him down, i'd tell you to ask him directly LOL

  3. Yes, Canada hates cigs. It subscribes to the theory of "out of sight, out of mind", which is why cigs can't be advertised nor displayed at all. Funny how the government is still able to collect taxes on something that doesn't exist. And it is also a good thing that the government views sex as ok because you don't see the porn mags being out of sight :)



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