August 23, 2010

Kat, i wanta kitty kat!

Lately i just super want a kitty! I went to the pet store the other day to by my sister's chinchilla (Dusty) food, and there were 5 kittens! I pet them :) Then i went home and meowed to my mom about how i want a cat. And tonight i got to play with Shauna's large kitten...awesoooome! I know most ppl usually long for dogs, but not i. They're such a handful! I may as well have a child. At least it's easier to find a babysitter. Plus, dogs are so people-loving, all jumpy and tail-waggy with strangers. Cats are pretty much only in love with their owners (if that), aka me. Can you tell i have abandonment issues? LOL

Its a good thing i'm trying to move out - much higher chance of me owning a cat. Still unrealistic though b/c my lifestyle doesn't really permit it. I love taking off to travel, etc WAY too much! But honestly, the more i think about it, the more feasible it is. My rents would neverrrr dogsit - not after our horrific experience of the month-long dogsitting 2 years ago *glare* - but my mommy likes cats, i'm sure it'd be fiiiiiiine. And i won't really be taking off as much on weekends if i do move out. But the shedding!!! We know how much i like unnecessary cleaning :|  Hmm, well i'll def have to ponder this further...

I loveyyyyyyy this kittyyyyyy! It's so fluffyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


  1. if you DO get a car.. prepare yourself for the permanent cat smell too *barf* especially in a small apartment. although, your cousin's cat was SO cute!!

  2. Ooooh i didn't know cars came with cat smells! However i'm holding off on any car purchases for now. And cat for that matter.
    By the way, dogs don't smell peachy either, thank you very much.

  3. LOL you know what I meant. And yes, you're right. But not all dogs. Little dogs don't smell really.. whereas ALL cat litter smells. whatever you do. it's just not normal for an animal to relieve itself in a box.. I share Chelsea's opinion on the subject ;)

  4. we're mammals. we relieve ourselves in a 'porcelain container'. i'm thinking the balcony is a good place for a litter box. or maybe a closet. contain it a bit. OH and that must be in the Chelsea book i haaaaaaaven't read *hint hint*

  5. Get a cat Dee. I grew up with cats and they don't smell. OK, maybe the litter would smell, but I thought that they came out with odourless kitty litter.


  6. Ya kitties! There's definitely odourless kitty litter...might not fit into my frugal budget but we'll see LOL Worst-case scenerio: the balcony hehe


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