August 27, 2010

Grandma Police!

It's Friday night. Not that i don't love blogging, but c'mon - it's Friday night! I digress...

Have i mentioned that it has now been 49 days since i twisted/sprained/injured my ankle and it still hurts?! Not like disabled-parking-privilege hurts or even limping-hurts, but when i point my toes and stretch it, it's hurty. Needless to say, i can't wear high heels. And this is seriously impeding on my fashion. That's my way of taking this slightly more humourously. Deep down inside though, the hypochondriac in me is semi-visualizing being told that due to my carelessness, they will have to amputate.
Ugh no, ok i'm done. :(

On a happier note - the sis & i watched Killers td, while waiting for her newly-painted room to dry. And it was definitely wayyyy better than watching paint dry. Ashton Kutcher has always been a good looking guy but i can't really say i've cared or noticed all that much. Well, today i noticed. I could barely keep my eyes in their sockets, and don't get me started on the drool. I may even have missed important plot pieces b/c he was just that breathtaking. Katherine Heigl's character after their first kiss says "Umm ugh ya...I can't breathe." Ya i bet you couldn't. I wonder if Demi has any idea how lucky she is? And quite frankly, idk how the Willis daughters are able to deal. :P

And so, this grandma is heading off to bed...later than anticipated! HeeHee

PS: Any formally/informally trained/untrained medical/non-medical persons - feel free to share advice on this ankle situation!!!


  1. Totally agree on Ashton Kutcher. Especially in that movie. I have always had a secret crush on him but in becomes near obsession..ok maybe not but yea he is HOT. Anyways. About that exactly did you injure it? ( I am a personal trainer so I could try to be of some help? lol )

  2. Did someone say Ashton Kutcher? UHM YES. I drool watching him on That 70's Show! I could NOT deal if he was my step-dad :/ WEIRD.

  3. First off, thanks for the comments! Ironic, just finished watching 'Ghost' & 'A Lot Like Love' is starting. Clearly, Ashton is like wine - better and better with age. That was lame, i realize.

    So the ankle story, bare with me here. I originally twisted it July 10, I twisted it - normal kind of twisting, just stepping crooked on it - which wasn't that big of a deal, happens to everyone. It didn't even hurt all that much, nor did it swell. However, a week later i was sitting partially cross-legged to 'protect' it from anyone stepping on me and then...well I partially sat on it & THAT was some excrutiating pain! And after that it got kind of swollen but i still wasn't tooooo worried b/c it didn't hurt when i walked or in any position aside from pointed toes. It was Europe tho, i couldn't stop walking places to rest my foot. When i got back a month later i went to see my less-than-fabulous family doctor who just said to stay off it for a while and wear a tension band. Well even that was 3 weeks ago. I've been using it sparingly & wearing my tension band, but i'm not going to be bed-ridden here. Still tho, it mostly just hurts in a pointed toe position - and i can't wear heels! :(
    Told ya it was a long story...i'm still hoping that all it needs is time :( From a personal trainer perspective, is that realistic?! lol


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