August 30, 2010

Emmy Buzzzzz

Disclaimer: This blog will consist of a whole lot of random thoughts that came to me in the 3hrs that the Emmys were on. Actually, i stopped paying attention after the first 2hrs. You get it - random blabber.

1) Modern Family has 3 of 5 nominees for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy? I thought we lived in a democracy...Needless to say 1 of them won. I don't even watch that show.

2) I love Tina Fey, she's just spectacular!

3) Glee coach won for her Supporting Actress in a Comedy...wait did she just thank her wife?

4) Loved the Modern Family/George Clooney bit! George is such an easy-going, funny guy :)

5) Eva Longoria-Parker is just the cutest! Can't wait for Desperate Housewives to come back! Yeeeea!

6) I love watching commercials for new Falls shows, even though I don't really intend on watching any of them. Mmmm Donny Wahlberg + crime + NYC. Ok, maybe that one i'll watch.

7) WHY may i ask is Californication (aka the best show ever) not making an appearance at these Emmys?! Rigged.

8) I'll never be able to explain the feeling that the Grey's "ringing theme" gives me. I lied. Goosebumps. And sometimes tears.

9) Ugh wow there is some seriously weird reality tv. But Kim Kardashian seems pretty cool. We could be acquaintances.

10) I wanna watch The Town!!! Who's in!?

11) I think ppl on TV should start slapping for real. Enough of these soundeffects. Every job has its risks! LOL

12) LOST...what a great tribute
13) Bahahahaha yeah, 4 toes = way less weird than 6 toes. The LOST writers are hilarious.

14) Rogers has a Free Handset Protection Program? Nothing at Rogers is ever "free". Trust me.

15) Breaking Bad is 2 for 2! I've enjoyed what little i've seen of that show, but still feels wrong to actually watch it. It belongs to Rockstar.

16) "George Clooney in 17 minutes." K guys, no one touches the remote!

17) Wow so many non-cable TV shows are nominated. Most of us don't have Showcase & HBO!

18) Academy Awards are nominated for an Emmy?!

"...And the Emmy goes toooooo...The Tony Awards!" It's a sad day when award shows award other award shows. *SMH*

19) "Mel Gibson has been through a lot. Well...not as much as the Jews." LMAO Oh Ricky Gervais

20) Can't believe Jimmy Fallon hgas time to tweet while being such an awesome Emmy host!!!

21) SYTYCD: Canada commercial = hawt hawt hawt!

22) Even though i haven't been paying attention for the last hour, Modern Family received all too many nominations and wins this year.

Another award show come and gone. Another best/worst dressed list to scan.


  1. NCIS should have won every award at the emmys....its a fact

  2. The original is not bad, yes. Did they even nominated? Cuz i know GREYS wasn't even nominated for anything. Nor was Californication. Clearly they are WAY too good for the Emmys.


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