August 16, 2010

Cutting out the unimportant

My blog inspiration came in the elevator...that was 6 hours ago. Needless to say, i'm not as inspired anymore. I should have a driver (and preferably a limo) to take care of all that time-consuming driving so that i can be free all the time to spread my informal rants. I'll start a fund. Inquire within.

Fantastic weekend! Seeing the girls again was awesome, and reminds me just how much i need to get outta here & move to the city! Life's about spending as much time as possible with your fave ppl and that sure as hell isn't happening here! We had some sushi followed by an extra long getting ready sesh. 6:30pm is as good a time as any to get started for night, no? LOL Didn't see the girls much that night at the bar tho, b/c i had to relocate. Which was awesome b/c i got to see Dan! And my first experience at a gay bar (or a bar on gay night? idk) was rather entertaining. I love doing new shit. Bonus: i made it back safe & sound. haha Its true what ya hear - all a girl needs are her best gals :)
You know what this girl doesn't need? Douchebags who don't now what awesomeness is staring them right in the face...for the last year. I'm done tho, my effort stops here and now. You can have all the life plans you want - and really, props to ya - however MY life plan doesn't include being JUST friends with you. Not to mention waiting around indefinitely. I said today would be the moment of truth and I had a breakthrough tonight, so proud of myself :)

Song of the weekend

All I ever wanted was a one life stand
I could spend forever in a moment like this
All I ever wanted was a one life stand
So take me away...

Well, even I make errors in judgement sometimes.

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