July 5, 2010


Monday July 5, 2010 1:30AM

I just tried to kill a fucking cockroach with my hairspray. Not sure if it was effective b/c it fell behind the counter. After i did the dishes i'm PRETTY sure there was one (or the same angry one) on my sleeve!!!!!! I ALMOST died. But i can't be 100% sure – there was a lot of commotion with the shrieking and the flailing. Needless to say i was paranoid for the rest of the night. EWWWWWWWW just the thought. Maybe my grandma was right – the cockroaches only come when i'm here. At least this one wasn't like the ones from last time i was here. *gag* Maybe leaving dishes in the sink for 2-3 days isn't the best idea? :P


  1. Now that would have been an interesting photo. LOL

  2. Next time i'll take a pic...the night before last, i killed 3 cockroaches. With Raid. I think i almost killed myself with the stench of it :P


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