July 8, 2010

Summer 2010 Hit

I'm sooo pumped to to have found my summer 2010 hit! And en Francais no less! :)

July 7, 2010

The best part of waking up...

Monday July 5, 2010 10:20AM

...not Folgers - this scene from my balcony J

July 5, 2010


Monday July 5, 2010 1:30AM

I just tried to kill a fucking cockroach with my hairspray. Not sure if it was effective b/c it fell behind the counter. After i did the dishes i'm PRETTY sure there was one (or the same angry one) on my sleeve!!!!!! I ALMOST died. But i can't be 100% sure – there was a lot of commotion with the shrieking and the flailing. Needless to say i was paranoid for the rest of the night. EWWWWWWWW just the thought. Maybe my grandma was right – the cockroaches only come when i'm here. At least this one wasn't like the ones from last time i was here. *gag* Maybe leaving dishes in the sink for 2-3 days isn't the best idea? :P

Somewhat-overdue observations

Sunday July 4, 2010 11PM

Here's the problem: i have loads of excellent blog entry ideas when i'm walking around all day and thinking about random stuff, but when i sit down at the computer – nothing comes out. No inspiration. I guess i DO need to carry my netbook around everywhere and pull it out randomly LOL Or that's what a BB is for! I'm surviving rather well without it, but i'll be glad when we're reunited. I'm not having that great of a day so frankly right now i'm looking forard to the Canada-reunion in general. Strange b/c 2 days ago i was singing the opposite tune – "what the heck have i got back in Canada? A whole lotta nothing that's what – including NO JOB! I could live like a QUEEN here for a while...until my savings run out. Heck i can find a job here, can't be that hard." To be fair, those are mostly facts. All in all, this is just my life in a nutshell – i have no idea what i want, and i change my mind pretty much on a daily basis. It's annoying & exhausting.
However, i'm not actually here to complain, that was a tangent. I actually have some (somewhat & hopefully) entertaining observations.

[PS: Se7en is on, and in English! I hate when they dub shit here it's just ridiculous. You know, I really enjoy Brad Pitt's pre douchebag-homewrecker-Angelina-Jolie era.]

Man purses

These things are real. It's generally a European thing, yes, but nowhere else have i seen it so pronounced as in BG. In face, i saw some guy the other day with a man purse that looked like this:

I don't even have a purse like that (yet)!! Haha Nothing wrong with it just a little baffling considering guys usually don't like carrying anything. Hence the wallet in the back pocket. And actually, this one time i dated a guy who didn't even like carrying a wallet!

[PS: Apparently sloth = super lazy. Sounds like a me. A lil bit. Ugh.]

People in general

No need to get into great detail here – people are not friendly, there's no sense of customer service anywhere, and for a country that has quite a good selection of deodorant, ppl sure don't know how to take advantage of that. Summer in packed public transport vehicles is not fun. It's a good thing i can walk to downtown. Essentially, i feel like if any regular North American were to visit, they'd likely want to crawl in a hole to cry due to the huge culture shock. 

Ice Cream
The ice cream you can get while you're out (on the street or at the mall) is way better than what you get at the store. I feel like all the fucking ice cream from the stores is like the 'Nestle Sundae' kind. Gross. Which reminds me, next time i go out i have to remember to look for the new Mojito 'drumstick'. Delish! Or at least i hope so.


OK there are retarded commercials everywhere but the most ridic one here that i've seen is a bank commercial, focused mainly on their 'interac' and credit card services (which here are apparently a brand new concept), with a rap group! That's like Scotiabank hiring Kardinal Offishall to rap for their next commercial! Let's get serious here, what does one have to do with the other? Ironically, the bank in question happens to be my bank. And it's not the commercial that sold me, in case you're wondering. LOL We do have cool beer commercials though :P

[PS: Kevin Spacey is really good in this movie! Pretty sure no courier would deliver in the middle of nowhere though. They're pretty anal about shit like that – no PO Boxes, etc.

"We got a box! Get the bomb squad! I need the bomb squad here! We got a box, we got a box!" LMFAO However, no one's laughing after that box was opened L]


To end on a more positive note – there's no one that does entertainment better. Since everyone is always trying to maximize their enjoyment of life – no harm in that theoretically – there are ample ways in which to channel this enjoyment. I feel like the country's motto could easily be "Work as little as possible; Play as hard as possible". Again, good in theory. Anyway, the malls that have gone up in the last few years will blow your mind. Not necessarily that they're better than the Eaton Centre or Square One, but for here they are downright amazing. I mean, even i'm amazed and that shit doesn't usually faze me. The mall i went to last night (open till 10PM btw) had the top floor dedicated to the food court with a large section housing one of two Starbucks in the city. Huge. And on the other end of the food court – an arcade and bowling alley open till...whenever you want to go home. For real. We left at 2AM and there were still ppl bowling. Between the bowling 'terrain' and the bar was a lounge section with fabulous lounge couches & a DJ playing random techno beats all night long. It's just so enjoyable to be out in a place like that; it makes you feel so good to be young & vibrant! No experiences in Canada compare to those here. By the way, i kicked ass at Guitar Hero & DDR in the arcade. I know, not fair, i have them at home but whatev :P Finally, we may used to pre-drinking when going out but there's not much of that here. Post-drinking though, that's pretty normal ;)

Some of this isn't necessarily stuff i've just noticed, but i thought they'd all be nice to note for those who are curious