June 25, 2010

You’re Funny

So i'm talking to my BG cousin over Skype yesterday – yes he's about 25kim away but we were Skyping, the excuse being he was at work – and here's our short convo:

S: "so did you come on your own this time?"
D: "oh ya...mom, dad & sis aren't making it down this year."
S: "lol no no i meant, i wasn't sure if you got married, or engaged, or whatever since last time."
D: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ah no no...Vickey will be joining me again tho in a couple of weeks."

I didn't really give it much thought at the time. Now i have though. And BOY is it not funny. I don't blame him in thinking that in the last THREE years since i've been here there would be some kind of development on this subject. But no. And based on the semi-heavy questioning that went on the other night over dinner with mine & Vickey's extended family, i think they find it very strange that a couple of 22/23yr olds are chronically single. I guess that's one main cultural difference – these ppl love love love relationships! To us North Americans, it's not all that strange...i mean, many of my friends are single and that's also why we have so much to talk about! LOL It's funny...but it's not. I'm sure there will be quite the interrogation tonight when they come over...

PS: Coincidentally, yesterday Vickey sent me a link for things you should not say to single people...here it is: http://goo.gl/y92c

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