June 8, 2010

The truth sucks

I was thinking about the phrase "the truth hurts" and i'd like to 'amend it'...with my blog title. Suuuure sometimes the truth is painful, but that's not the equivalent of it being downright unpleasant. Because more often than not, the truth is just plain shitty without necessarily causing pain. Just like 'honesty is the best policy' (usually!) truth is also, for the most part, the best policy. Sure, ignorance and denial are easy - gawd how well i know that! - but really, it gets you nowhere. Take it from a pro. Real eye-openers is what it takes for you to get on the right path and stop kidding yourself. Whatever happens, happens! And it will/will not happen for a reason!
Wow, this is getting deep. This urge to blog was probably a subconscious need for pep-talk for me to a) shut up, b) get over it & stop wondering and c) move on! It's kind of working. A little bit.

Leave it to my cousing & better half to provide me with a 'motivational' quote:

"To my broken heart, it was good while it lasted. Please don’t stop beating."

And now...back to work! 3.5 more days! *eek*


  1. well that quote was supposed to be motivational but yeah.. definitely downright unpleasant when it applies to your life. we'll always have each other in the end. <3

  2. Victor says...

    Sometimes the truth hurt, but they say that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Or at least more cynical. To Jack Nicholson, yes I can handle the truth, but it doesn't mean I always want to hear it!!


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