June 25, 2010

Lazy has no limits

Alright i know i've been slacking, don't think i haven't noticed. Though it's not like i've been so increda-busy that i haven't had a chance for an update, I just haven't had much to say. Unbelievable, i know LOL Well i guess more like...i just haven't known what to say.

So far everything's been just fine – normal, i would say, with the standard running around. I mean the beginning is always an issue – gathering my bearings & figuring out what i'm gonna do. Plus i'm having some major issues with Vickey-withdrawal. We are all generally well-aware that i can't live without my cousin AKA my better half, however that coupled with lack of 'communication-at-my-fingertips' has made it worse L Especially when i'm having a crisis and i just need her to tell me what to do. My goal for coming to BG this time around was to also maximize my time in Europe in general and get around to seeing my friends from my exchange abroad – known as Tauschies*. However, apparently that involves organization. And even I have seriously underestimated my personal laziness. Which is super retarded. Super. In reality, i'm just going to super regret it if i don't get my act together because it's not that complicated. That's what ppl who love to travel do! They just get on the train/plane and GO! And since i claim to be one of those travel-loving ppl, i need to STFU and just do it.

This is how my laziness and lack of motivation makes me feel. I'm sure glad i have this outlet for my personal pep talks though J

*Tauschies was the German students' "loving" nickname for exchange students at EBS [European Business School]. It comes from the German verb Tauschen meaning to exchange. Makes sense, right?

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  1. awwwww i'm having major withdrawals too! my bbm is so empty without our little convo window at the top ;( see you in a week-ish!!!! <3


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