June 8, 2010

It's true what they teach you in Business School...

...Networking is the shit! Maybe it's just me and my stubbornness to only selectively believe what my profs told me, but honestly i never believed in it. I've always felt that if you've got the skills, you'll be perfectly fine. Well NEWSFLASH! No one is ever going to look at your skills unless you know someone who's gonna get your foot in the door. Well, maybe not never, but it certainly helps. Those ACE networking lunches weren't just to kill time apparently. I think i spent most of them napping/going through my swag bag. Very productive of me LOL Also, you never really know who's watching and noticing what you do, and who will end up being a good 'ally'. I'm glad that after my one-year employment here, i at least learned this valuable lesson :) I was touched by the Board Directors' comments tonight, as well as their support, and I shall miss their awesomeness :)

Too bad i'm not really looking to stay in the area...i'd already have job offers :P

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