June 28, 2010

Sundays are great.

I had a seriously good day yesterday. Just thought i'd share. PLUS - Germany made the quarter-finals :D

June 25, 2010

You’re Funny

So i'm talking to my BG cousin over Skype yesterday – yes he's about 25kim away but we were Skyping, the excuse being he was at work – and here's our short convo:

S: "so did you come on your own this time?"
D: "oh ya...mom, dad & sis aren't making it down this year."
S: "lol no no i meant, i wasn't sure if you got married, or engaged, or whatever since last time."
D: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ah no no...Vickey will be joining me again tho in a couple of weeks."

I didn't really give it much thought at the time. Now i have though. And BOY is it not funny. I don't blame him in thinking that in the last THREE years since i've been here there would be some kind of development on this subject. But no. And based on the semi-heavy questioning that went on the other night over dinner with mine & Vickey's extended family, i think they find it very strange that a couple of 22/23yr olds are chronically single. I guess that's one main cultural difference – these ppl love love love relationships! To us North Americans, it's not all that strange...i mean, many of my friends are single and that's also why we have so much to talk about! LOL It's funny...but it's not. I'm sure there will be quite the interrogation tonight when they come over...

PS: Coincidentally, yesterday Vickey sent me a link for things you should not say to single people...here it is: http://goo.gl/y92c

Lazy has no limits

Alright i know i've been slacking, don't think i haven't noticed. Though it's not like i've been so increda-busy that i haven't had a chance for an update, I just haven't had much to say. Unbelievable, i know LOL Well i guess more like...i just haven't known what to say.

So far everything's been just fine – normal, i would say, with the standard running around. I mean the beginning is always an issue – gathering my bearings & figuring out what i'm gonna do. Plus i'm having some major issues with Vickey-withdrawal. We are all generally well-aware that i can't live without my cousin AKA my better half, however that coupled with lack of 'communication-at-my-fingertips' has made it worse L Especially when i'm having a crisis and i just need her to tell me what to do. My goal for coming to BG this time around was to also maximize my time in Europe in general and get around to seeing my friends from my exchange abroad – known as Tauschies*. However, apparently that involves organization. And even I have seriously underestimated my personal laziness. Which is super retarded. Super. In reality, i'm just going to super regret it if i don't get my act together because it's not that complicated. That's what ppl who love to travel do! They just get on the train/plane and GO! And since i claim to be one of those travel-loving ppl, i need to STFU and just do it.

This is how my laziness and lack of motivation makes me feel. I'm sure glad i have this outlet for my personal pep talks though J

*Tauschies was the German students' "loving" nickname for exchange students at EBS [European Business School]. It comes from the German verb Tauschen meaning to exchange. Makes sense, right?

June 17, 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane...!

Its 7:45pm (on June 16) and guess what! I'm at the gate waiting to board :) My lack of updates I blame on the fact that i left almost no time between finishing work & jetting outta here. But here you are, getting LIVE updates from the start of the trip! Lucky you, eh. Well maybe not live live...i was hoping for some free WiFi up in here - this being a state-of-the-art airport and all - but no, apparently that's still reserved for the upper class. Whatever happened to the move to equality!? I digress...  So my stressful part is over - luggage is checked and i was riight on target [pretty sure for the first time in my life], and despite an extensive security check - i told her my studded belt (bad idea probably) is what's beeping - she proceeded to scan me as if i were a serious threat. Which she finally realized i was not. C'mon now, THIS face?! haha ok ok we know i'm capable of more than my petite frame would like you to believe, so what :P Now I can chill. Ish. I hear alcohol is still free on these flights - i may need that to fall asleep. I also brought FIVE Elle+Flare magazines. Ya i'm really really behind on those. However i JUST realized i forgot to bring a pencil for my travel book-of-logic. I def can't solve those with a pen. Maybe that kid sitting across from me waiting will be somewhere nearby on the plane. If not, I can always practice my German. Need to brush up on it for sure.

So I guess the only thing kind of unrelaxing me is that before handing over my BB, which i'm not bringing with *shocker!*, i ended up getting what i wanted. You know when you really (think you) want something, all consequences be damned, then finally get it (and it's pretty much exactly as you pictured it) only to realize - WOW way to be in denial self, that probably was not the best idea you've ever had. Yeah. It was hella nice of Rockstar to wish me a safe trip, and as you can imagine i was hoping for this, however it has kind of left me with mixed (leaning towards pouty) emotions. Just adding to the fact that I've already gone backwards in being perrrrfectly ok with it :( BUT it's what i wanted, so now i shall deal with it. I just didn't want this flight to be like 2yrs ago where i was longing for something back home when better things were ahead of me *smack* k i'm for real gonna have to hit the wine...boarding time!

June 8, 2010

It's true what they teach you in Business School...

...Networking is the shit! Maybe it's just me and my stubbornness to only selectively believe what my profs told me, but honestly i never believed in it. I've always felt that if you've got the skills, you'll be perfectly fine. Well NEWSFLASH! No one is ever going to look at your skills unless you know someone who's gonna get your foot in the door. Well, maybe not never, but it certainly helps. Those ACE networking lunches weren't just to kill time apparently. I think i spent most of them napping/going through my swag bag. Very productive of me LOL Also, you never really know who's watching and noticing what you do, and who will end up being a good 'ally'. I'm glad that after my one-year employment here, i at least learned this valuable lesson :) I was touched by the Board Directors' comments tonight, as well as their support, and I shall miss their awesomeness :)

Too bad i'm not really looking to stay in the area...i'd already have job offers :P

The truth sucks

I was thinking about the phrase "the truth hurts" and i'd like to 'amend it'...with my blog title. Suuuure sometimes the truth is painful, but that's not the equivalent of it being downright unpleasant. Because more often than not, the truth is just plain shitty without necessarily causing pain. Just like 'honesty is the best policy' (usually!) truth is also, for the most part, the best policy. Sure, ignorance and denial are easy - gawd how well i know that! - but really, it gets you nowhere. Take it from a pro. Real eye-openers is what it takes for you to get on the right path and stop kidding yourself. Whatever happens, happens! And it will/will not happen for a reason!
Wow, this is getting deep. This urge to blog was probably a subconscious need for pep-talk for me to a) shut up, b) get over it & stop wondering and c) move on! It's kind of working. A little bit.

Leave it to my cousing & better half to provide me with a 'motivational' quote:

"To my broken heart, it was good while it lasted. Please don’t stop beating."

And now...back to work! 3.5 more days! *eek*

June 5, 2010

I'm not a fan of 'maybes' & 'what ifs'

Ask anyone and they'll tell you i'm a pro at linking the most random things (often pop culture) to my real life. It's a talent i have. However more often than not, it's really not that much fun. And when EVERY radio station is playing Timbaland & Katy Perry's "If We Ever Meet Again" ALL the freaking time!...how am I supposed to totally forget about Rockstar? Not fair :(

I'll never be the same - if we ever meet again
Won't let you get away - said if we ever meet again
This free fall's, got me so
Kiss me all night don't ever let me go
I'll never be the same
If we ever meet again
If we ever meet again...I'll have so much more to say
If we ever meet again...I won't let you go away